One for the record books

I have come across something so stupid I can hardly believe it is real. In fact, I would be sure that it was fake if it were not for the source. Not that the source is anything great, but you would think that a newspaper would get the news in their own back yard right.

The thing that makes this particular act of stupidity so amazing to me is that I cannot understand for the life of me why it was ever undertaken. Most of the time when the government does something stupid it is because there is an ideological reason to believe it will work or somebody’s pockets are being lined. Often both reasons are in play at the same time.

But in this case I can’t think of any particular ideological reason to push the “solution” that was chosen. And while somebody undoubtedly got paid to put this solution in place, but I can’t think that it was very big money. If I had the talent to sell this type of scam, I would choose a more lucrative scam. So I am at a lose to figure out why anyone would be so stupid as do what this government did.

Now I am deliberately hyping how stupid this is because I want to get your expectations up. I want to see if even when you are expecting to read about something really stupid you are expecting something as inexplicably stupid as this.

The link above is to a blog post. I clicked the link embedded in the blog post to read that actual news paper article in hopes that it would tell me why they thought that this insane idea would work. But it was a waste of time because no explanation was given. All you need to know is in the blog post.

3 thoughts on “One for the record books

  1. Haha, actually, this one isn’t very hard to figure out. It only takes someone with a very poor idea of wild animals to think they have a brilliant solution that uses wild animals. The reason for this stupidity is very simple–some official heard from their uncle Lloyd that ‘possums eat rats and then he had this brilliant idea…

    The rest is history.

  2. Obviously something like that must have happened. But why did Uncle Loyd say possums? I could understand it if it was some kind of common myth. But if you were just going to make something up, why possums as opposed to coons or foxes or something of that nature?

  3. Yeah, I wonder why they picked possums. A stray cat would probably be more likely to eat rats then an possum. I wonder if they had a stray cat problem first, and after they “fixed” it, started having a big rat problem.

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