4 thoughts on “Test Reaction Time

  1. Must be a new test because I place fairly highly on the leader board with an average score.

    In fact, I had better scores than the one that I saved on the leader board and I only did it about five times. Did not bother to save most of my scores because I thought I was doing very poorly.

    Sometime when I have more time to blow I shall try to a get a good score (for me) on the board.

    Wonder what Cal could do.

  2. Found out why my score was so high. It was because the leader board that I was seeing was only for 24 hours. The ones that encompass more time don’t make me look so good.

    Still, I am on the right side of the bell curve. My natural rage in in the 170s (i.e. that is what my average was after about 5 attempts). I think that if I worked really hard I could get into the 160s as I sometimes score there. But that would take more time than I have to waste.

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