It’s a better road! Only drivers don’t like it

After spending loads of money to remove the roundabout five miles away in that other part of Binghamton, Binghamton has proudly installed a new roundabout that is safer and easier and gooder, if you would just follow the directions, for heaven’s sake, and drive over the sidewalk that’s not for walking on only if you are truck.

It makes Binghamton safer for everyone except for the people who don’t know how to use this new piece of road, or for people who might be nearby when those drivers misuse this special piece of safe road. We need a special re-education program to teach everyone who drives in Binghamton but has never driven in Europe how to drive on this special piece of everyday commonplace road that nobody has seen before. The re-education shouldn’t cost too much more than the quarter mil it took to make this special piece of safe, easy to use, commonplace road that nobody has seen before. Not counting the money they spent replacing signs that got hit by all the drivers who don’t know how to drive, because those signs are on the maintenance budget not the project budget.

It is definitely better looking, anyhow! No question about that!

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