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I don’t have anything.

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Half of Detroit votes may be ineligible for recount

Italy Gets a New Prime Minister, But Not Yet a New Government, Let Alone a New Banking System

Chetty et al and the metamorphosis of the earnings curve

Venezuela seizes Christmas toys to distribute to poor

Shackles and Dollars. In my view, this is a debate that goes back to founding of this country. Southern leaders have always believed that slavery was crucial to the wealth of the entire country and that northern wealth was built on the backs of the south via tariffs and other political tricks. It was felt that if the south withheld cotton the entire industrial world would come to its knees and Europe would be compelled to intervene on the side of the south to bring the cotton back to market. In my opinion, history in the form of the civil war has already empirically demonstrated who was right. And it was the not the people who think that slavery was crucial to America’s wealth.

The economics of Theodor Herzl and his Zionist vision

Not In The News But Should Be

The Man Who Invented the World’s Most Important Number

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