News for Today (12/20/16)

Bogus News Story Of The Day.

Nothing for today. I guess my outrage receptors are getting dull.

In The News

Trump wins Electoral College vote. Two republican electors switched from Trump. Eight democratic electors switched from Hillary (or tried to, not clear that all will be allowed to.

In Russia, Dozens Die After Drinking Alcohol Substitute

Case Against Berlin Suspect Crumbles

Breaking: Green on Blue Murder, Russian Ambassador to Turkey It shows that assassin as having amazingly good trigger discipline for that part of the world.

Marais: the chic Paris district where rats outnumber residents

Not In The News But Should Be

Ignore the stuff about counterinsurgency and focus on the details about Chicago crime that don’t often make it to the news.

Chicago’s Gangland Counterinsurgency

Entertainment of the Day

The below clip tells you something you already know and it is not all that scientific. Still, it should be required viewing by all idiots who think that all season tires are sufficient.

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