News for Today (12/29/16)

Bogus News Story Of The Day

Open Society Needs Defending. Entire essays could be written about the failures of logic in this short article. But it is interesting nonetheless because it is written by George Soros.

In The News

Amazon Is Considering Drone-Friendly Floating Warehouses. I think somebody at Amazon reads to much science fiction.

White House On Defense After Being Exposed as Architect of Anti-Israel U.N. Action

Mining 24 Hours a Day with Robots

Not In The News But Should Be

Detention and Prosecution of Tibetans under China’s “Stability Maintenance” Campaign . One of my big tests for critics of Israel is “would you advocate that China face same boycotts and whatnot that you are advocating for Israel?” I have had people tell me that China’s occupation of Tibet was not as bad as Israel’s occupation of majority of Palestinian areas. Their grounds for thinking this was that “Tibet was not in the news as much.”

Entertainment of the Day

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