News for Today (2/21/17)

Bogus News Story Of The Day

Why has Trump been so slow to confront anti-Semitism? Several answers suggest themselves, none of them good. Every time I think they can’t surprise me, they do. My mouth dropped open when I saw Google headlines today full of stories about how Trump was too slow to condemn antisemitism. First the story is that he is giving his Jewish son-in-law too much of a say in government and then it is all how he is an anti-Semite. I wish they could at least keep their stories straight.

In The News

Mercedes-Benz is letting 20 customers drive an electric semi truck for a year

Bird flu strain hitting China may be getting more infectious

Replenishing the Stocks: Russian deliveries of T-62Ms and BMP-1s reach Syria

Giant ‘Rivers in the Sky’ Are Causing Widespread Chaos in California

It’s Not Just ‘Strangelove’ —Today’s Bombers Rely on America’s Weakest Nuclear Links

Not In The News But Should Be

America’s New Mandarins. An old essay. But nobody paid attention to it at the time and so now we have Trump.

Entertainment of the Day

Nothing for today

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