News for Today (2/28/17)

Bogus News Story Of The Day

Fake News, Exposed. Just a reminder, but it should not surprise you.

In The News

Alabama Committee Passes Bill to Eliminate Marriage Licenses, Nullify Federal Control in Practice. I don’t think the “nullify Federal Control” thing will work. But otherwise, it is the right way forwards. It will be interesting to see if it passes.

Ordering kiosks coming to 1,000 Wendy’s. Amusing how the article is careful to never mention minimum wage laws.

China considering offering financial incentives for second child. To late for that, but it is a sign that at least some people in power see the brick wall coming.

Superbug infections rising rapidly and spreading silently in kids. My money is that they are getting them at school. It is the best place after a hospital to get any other kind of bug so why not the super kind?

Two Fights: Pistol Defender vs. Multiple Rifles

Not In The News But Should Be

Nothing for Today.

Entertainment of the Day

Not really much different then the story trailer, but it is the launch trailer. That is the real news.

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