News for Today (3/12/17)

Bogus News Story Of The Day

Shut Up About Daylight Saving Time, It’s Actually Great. This article is bogus for many reasons. But even if you took the studies it cites at face value (there are problems with them in reality) the article is self refuting. The money quote “In fact, studies actually estimate that we could save about 366 more lives per year if we extended DST all year round.”

In The News

TSA Warns Local Police About Its New Airport Pat-Downs

Ancient technique can dramatically improve memory, research suggests

Inside the Green Berets’ Hunt for Wanted Warlord Joseph Kony

Not In The News But Should Be

The Problem of Success. The fall of the house of Saudi is one of closest things to certainty that we have in this world. And odds are pretty good that it will not be pretty.

Entertainment of the Day

How to Clear a Path Through 60 Feet of Snow, Japanese Style

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