Friday News

All the large chunks of oak tree are off the lawn and waiting to be split. In other less important news….

The Blood of the Crab

‘They Taught Us How To Decapitate a Person’

The U.S. Dropped a MOAB in Afghanistan and You’ll Never Believe What Happened Next! The amount of bad news stories about this bomb drop from both right wing and left wing sources is staggering. I never would have guessed that such a routine bomb drop would become such big news. Granted, it is probably not a good thing that the US is dropping ordnance all over the globe without it getting reported on, but the amount of misinformation by ignorant regarding this particular ordnance drop is staggering. Anyway, the link above will at least give you accurate numbers to put the bomb in context with other bombs and explosives the US drops all the time. Maybe some other day when I am not so tired I will link to a good over view of the military reasons that the US military sometimes uses MOABs.

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