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Such end-of-days gloom is puzzling. Near 10 percent unemployment and near invisible growth cannot explain it.

The tone deafness of the above sentence was really jarring to me. Technically the above link is for an opinion column so I should not be calling it a bogus news story. But its complete tone deafness exemplifies the reason that people in the New York Times don’t get the political trends that are sweeping the western world. France has double the unemployment of the US and a very high youth unemployment rate (around 25%). But the author says that those things can’t be the main problem because France is such a cool place to live. And it is if your are wealthy or upper middle class who have good jobs. But those are not the people fueling the anger he is trying to understand.

In The News

Against all odds, a leftist soars in French election polls

Navy SEAL drug use “staggering,” investigation finds

Mrs. Custer’s Tennyson

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Nothing for today.

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