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The wages of being PC is that nobody can figure out what to do about a situation like this: Mickaël Harpon, who stabbed three police officers and a woman civil servant to death before he was killed at Paris police headquarters on October 3rd, was a radical Islamist with a top secret security clearance and access to all computers in the police prefecture’s directorate of intelligence, known as the DRPP.

Just a reminder of how little they know: According to the authority, the importance of the finding is that it will change everything scholars know about the urbanization process in the Land of Israel.

People who talk the most about pollution being a serious problem are the least likely to know where most of it comes from. This study surprises only the blind. Researchers from Canada and South Africa studied waste washed up on the beaches of Inaccessible Island, an island in the heart of the southern Atlantic Ocean, on a series of trips that began in 1984. Nearly three-quarters of the trash they sifted through originated in Asia, produced by China. The research challenges long assumptions that plastic debris at sea primarily originates on land.

This is what hysteria gets you: President Trump is gaining among independent voters in head-to-head matchups with the Democratic presidential front-runners, according to a new IBD-TIPP poll.

They wanted a power company that was more careful about fires. Not sure if they realized this would be the result: In the Bay Area, portions of Alameda, Contra Costa, Napa, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano and Sonoma counties could suffer power shutoffs.

It is the same logic that causes smaller companies to endlessly strive to be suppliers of Wall-Mart even though everyone knows how Wall-Mart treats their suppliers: There was this consistently weird disconnect in the comments from American business leaders, as they kept saying their Chinese competitors were overtly or secretly state-subsided, or would complain about corruption . . . but no one wanted to stop putting more resources there.

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