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Turkey has limitations. Linking to it mostly because it is from one of the more astute bloggers around: Turkey’s border offensive against the Kurds, far from being a blitzkrieg, is limited by the resources available to Ankara’s forces. According to DW, its goal is to bring a 15,360- square kilometer swath under its control. “Turkey wants to create a 32-kilometer-deep, 480-kilometer-long corridor (20 miles deep, 300 miles long) inside Syria along the border to protect its security… it plans to resettle nearly 1 million of its 3.6 million Syrian refugees who hail from other parts of Syria inside the ‘safe zone.'” But it must do so by installment and on a shoestring.

A Russian sponsored look at Trump’s decision to get out of the way of the Turks.

A collection of links on power black outs in California and the problems they represent: Unsustainable California: No Easy Remedy for PG&E Blackouts, Fire Risks

Controlling the price has never before in the history of the world increased supply but it might be different this time: California governor signs statewide rent-control law

For what it is worth, here is an overview of the polls: Do Americans Support Impeaching Trump?

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