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Its not just your imagination: Used Cars Cost Almost Double What They Did Nine Years Ago

Its tough being in the government when you have to impose liability on companies and protect them from that same liability at the same time. California utilities serve customers spread over vast terrain, in a landscape one spark away from bursting into flame. They face an additional challenge under the state’s unusual legal doctrine of “inverse condemnation,” which holds utilities liable for all damages caused by their equipment, regardless of whether the utility was negligent. Facing an estimated $30 billion in liabilities from recent fires, PG&E filed for bankruptcy protection in January. In July, Newsom signed a controversial bill creating a fund to help shield utilities from some fire-liability costs. But, since it might take only two or three major fires to drain the $21 billion allocated to the fund, utilities remain vulnerable.

Before long, the only thing they will not be required to provided is an education: Calif. Gov. signs law requiring colleges to offer ‘free’ abortions

Its effect on girls sports is the least of my concerns: Every Democratic frontrunner has pledged their support of the Equality Act, which would make “gender identity” a protected characteristic under federal anti-discrimination law. Among other things, the bill would force public schools to expand female athletic teams to include biological males who identify as transgender girls.

They are too determined to be respectable to have any kind of real effect: Motorists in Germany are banding together to oppose climate activists’ calls to limit the use of cars. Politicians are taking them seriously because, unlike the Fridays for Future movement and its leader Greta Thunberg, most members of the Fridays for Horsepower group can vote.

I am not a fan of Christopher Columbus, but Howard Zinn is a very unsafe guide to history: Howard Zinn lied about Christopher Columbus. Here’s how.

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