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This is where we all gather around and chant “fight, fight, fight” or whatever they do these days to cheer a schoolyard fight on. IBM says Google may not have reached quantum supremacy after all

Same as above, different context. Everyone Is a Russian Asset

Purdyville is safe from a German invasion. Germany: ‘Highly aggressive cow’ sparks lengthy police chase in Bavaria

The funny thing about the below is that it seems that the free runners really thought they had a chance (I say runners because it was group the gave the legion the challenge even though they only sent one runner to represent). At first I thought it was a publicity stunt from the legion but as best I can tell it was a real challenge from the free runners and one that they would go on to repeat in a more tedious context. Not speaking the language and not having spend a lot of time chasing down leads, I am sure that I could be wrong. On the other paw, I guess you have to say the free runner in this case did pretty well considering how the odds were stacked against him.

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