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This same cry of wolf has come up many times, but that don’t mean it will never come true. “The senior ministers of the Israeli government met twice last week to discuss the possibility of open war with Iran. They were mindful of the Iranian plan for a drone attack from Syria in August, aborted at the last minute by an Israeli air strike, as well as Iran’s need to deflect attention from the mass protests against Hezbollah’s rule in Lebanon. The ministers also reviewed the recent attack by Iranian drones and cruise missiles on two Saudi oil installations, reportedly concluding that a similar assault could be mounted against Israel from Iraq.”

As a desperate old man once told me “I have to have yield.” “Greece has lost the dubious distinction of being the riskiest government borrower in the eurozone after its bond yields dipped below Italy’s for the first time since 2008.”

Eventually, this is always a problem after you win. Is Iran’s honeymoon in Iraq over?

Not in the news: Hunter Biden’s Ukraine gas firm pressed Obama administration to end corruption allegations, memos show

It is dangerous in totalitarian organizations to fly too close to the sun: Is the PKK worried by the YPG’s growing popularity?

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