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I don’t know about mind boggling, but it is interesting: The first map of America’s food supply chain is mind-boggling

Related to the above: Six of the nine core counties for America’s food supply are burning

Hard evidence of the scale of China’s swine flu problems: China’s pork imports are already set to surpass previous records this year, reaching between 3.1 million and 3.3 million tonnes including offal, the bank said in a report, up from 2.1 million tonnes last year.

Your daily reminder that there is so much that we are told as fact is actually wrong: The olfactory bulb, a structure at the very front of the brain, plays a vital role in our ability to smell. Or, at least, so we thought. A research team has now discovered a handful of women who have a perfectly normal sense of smell but who seem to lack olfactory bulbs – completely altering our long-held views about smell.

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