Read the Banned Article

I posted a link to this article yesterday but it got taken down because this type of information has been determined to be bad by the mob. You can read it here if you did not get to read it yesterday. It is disgusting that stuff like this is determined too dangerous for people to read.

For what it is worth this is they guy who seems most responsible for taking the article down. Some of his complaints are legitimate, but mostly it reads like he did not understand what he was reading. The parts of the article that I thought were the strongest and most well documented are the parts he avoided addressing. Mostly he seems to have an issue with the modeling and modeling something this unknown is a crap shoot no matter who does it. The optimistic models don’t account for Italy (and most likely other places) and the pessimistic models don’t have a good explanation for Africa, Japan, Russia, and a number of other places.

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