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I can’t stand the tut tuting. Not to long ago the WHO said their was no evidence of human to human transmission of the virus. But since I posted the warnings from the French I figured I would share the other side. At this point all we have is people making observations and drawing correlations between things that may not be correlated. The Ibuprofen Debate Reveals the Danger of Covid-19 Rumors

Wages of Panic. Truckers Wary of New York Deliveries Create Headache for Grocers

If your wondering as to how the US compares right now. Breaking down the numbers per capita.

Lot of logic fails in this. But it does represent the worse case for the UK. Shows the worst case is not all that bad compared to a “real” pandemic. How much ‘normal’ risk does Covid represent?

Are many more people infected than we think?

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