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A snarky reading of this would be “Conservatives have always been more right then liberals” but that would be mean to Benjamin Rush who did his best. Having send that, many conventional treatments for Covid pushed by doctors (like ventilators) have also shown themselves to be harmful so that is also a parallel. Americans Have Always Politicized Public Health

Not in the Bee. Minnesota Governor and Media Blame White Nationalists and Russians for Riots

Russians are scary I guess. Riot Police, National Guard ‘Completely Abandon’ Perimeter in Minneapolis, Chased Away by Protesters

All those people who were up in arms because protesters against the lock down were literally killing people are strangely silent. Mayor Frey Gives Masks to Rioters But Says Opening Churches Would Be a ‘Public Health Disaster’ and also De Blasio backs George Floyd protests despite coronavirus gathering ban

If they were changed every hour and people did not pull them down to talk they might help. But that is never going to happen. More evidence masks are merely a symbolic gesture

Fang Fang’s “Wuhan Diary”

After day of fiery protests, uneasy calm in Seattle

Coming soon to a broke city/town near you? New Speed Limit Turns DC Into Giant School Zone

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