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Backfires? Minneapolis Law Preventing Business Owners from Protecting Their Own Property Backfires Horribly

Proof that that the Babylon Bee needs to up its game.

Agreement with UAE reveals Mossad chief’s ambitions

South Korea urges work from home as country reports most daily cases since March

I personally think that the Sweden and Denmark are much more different then the author this post acknowledges. One key difference is that Denmark has been much more hostile to immigration and dark skinned people have been hit hard by COVID in all northern countries. But I through it out there because it uses actual data and not view a link too very often. What Have Government Restrictions Accomplished with COVID-19?

Abe to resign over health, ending era of political stability

If you have been following this issue at all, the only new thing this adds is the scale of construction. China has secretly built scores of massive new prison and internment camps in the past three years, dramatically escalating its campaign against Muslim minorities even as it publicly claimed the detainees had all been set free.

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