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How the NFL is playing through COVID-19, and in the process, exposing the ‘casedemic’

This post buries the lead. You have to get half way through before you read….. Here’s what they did: They bought insurance. And it wasn’t only these two chit-chatters who bought insurance — it was the entire department and, moreover, they bought the insurance on the taxpayers’ dime:

AP Analysis: Dark days ahead for Lebanon as crisis bites

The thing that is not spelled out (because the author supports Trump?) is the most likely reason he was able to roll the money forward is deferred losses. I have always thought that the main reason Trump did not want to show his tax returns is that they show he was not as great a businessman as he likes to portray himself. People are misreading the New York Times’ article about Trump’s taxes

Heavy Losses as Armenia-Azerbaijan Defy Calls for Calm

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