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If The New York Times was willing to lie about its anonymous source for their high-profile information operation, imagine the lies they’re willing to tell about all the other anonymous sources they use.

This means more if you recognize his name. I must admit I am shocked. They keep coming up with ways of surprising me. My Resignation From The Intercept

You can compare any country you like with this chart. Excess mortality during COVID-19: The number of deaths from all causes compared to previous years, all ages

The next couple of weeks will show who are the liars and who are telling the truth. My gut tells me that it is the people predicting at trump victory who are right but my head says that this is most likely because I live in a Trump bubble. Are Democrats Heading for a 2020 Bloodbath? Also see Here’s What Early Voting Numbers Are Telling Us

1,000 Looters Turn Philly Retail Zone into “Total Loss”

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