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Cuomo threats against medical providers will make abysmal NY State vaccine rollout worse

I think Republican plans to raise objections is all theater that does more harm then good unless they have evidence in hand to name names and bring charges. But I get tired of hearing how unprecedented it is. Democrats Have Objected to Electoral Vote Certification for the Last Three GOP Presidents

Coronavirus: German police raid church service with over 100 maskless worshippers

Proposed NY bill would grant Gov. Cuomo the power to forcibly detain any individual or group suspected of being a carrier of any contagious disease and require “treatment, preventative medication or vaccination.”

If you told me that the push to replace Mrs and Miss with Ms. would lead to this I would not have believed you. Congress Goes Woke With New Gender-Neutral Rules. Along the same lines, here is more proof that the Bee is falling behind the times.

Thanks to the climbing price of Bitcoin, this week the cryptocurrency’s energy consumption topped that of Pakistan–a nation of more than 200 million people.

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