Links for Today

Justice for Derek Chauvin

U.S. nuclear weapons are aging quickly. With few spare parts, how long can they last?

Somebody who is not capable of learning. When the Social Justice Mob Came for Me

The Surprising Success of Sputnik V

I am not one of those who normally worries about cyber attacks. On the scale of things that could go wrong, it seems to me to be small potatoes. But these sort of statements make me nervous. Lewis said he “do[esn’t] worry” about cyberattacks on US critical infrastructure because, “We’ve created a sort of digital Maginot Line” that the Russians would be “very hard pressed” to cross.

These bears are acting way too friendly due to deadly brain disease

Pakistani lawyers challenge waiters in uniform spat

Philippines Says Chinese Ships ‘Swarming’ Area Around Disputed Spratly Islands

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