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Main thing that I trust that I got out of this is that Toxoplasmosis mostly comes from undercooked beef. Endemic Pathogens Are Making You Crazy And Then Killing You: Toxoplasmosis Spotlight

Pfizer COVID-19 third dose vaccine protection against hospitalization from omicron wanes after 3 months

5G is a joke and the iPhone is the well-timed punchline

This is the latest thing going around but it don’t make sense to me. What do fires have to do with ransomware attacks? FBI Warns of Targeted Cyber Attacks On Food Plants After Mysterious Rash Of Fires I think there might be a little bit of cherry picking going on. After all, “there are over 34,000 food processing plants in the United States.” But since this stuff is starting to trend, I figured I would throw it out there.

A little bit amazed that it still has not broke. The Webb Telescope Is Almost Fully Aligned

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