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Despite What You Have Read, Wildfires are NOT on the Rise

Russia Tells Lithuania: Your Citizens Will Feel the Pain Over Kaliningrad

Israel will be entering its fifth election in 3 and a half years

In a historically embarrassing decision, the FDA recently became the only international regulatory body to authorize the use of mRNA vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer for children aged six months to five years.

They highlighted the role of policy decisions in draining Lake Powell, in a paper aptly titled, “It’s Hard to Fill a Bathtub When the Drain is Wide Open.” That is precisely what has happened at Lake Powell, yet the report has been largely ignored. It should be required reading for everyone concerned about the Colorado River.

A little more than one week after the U.S. Supreme Court announced in Egbert v. Boule that federal police engaged in immigration-related work cannot be sued when they violate the Constitution—regardless of when, where or how egregiously they act—the Court has now signaled that all federal police are above the law. Since January 2022, the Court has held a pair of cases filed by the Institute for Justice (IJ), challenging the grant of absolute immunity to federal police engaged in domestic policing. This morning, the Court declined to hear both petitions, leaving victims of constitutional abuse without a remedy in American courts.

The bill would give the medical board the authority to punish any physicians who challenge the safety and efficacy of covid vaccines.

New York state officials are giving companion robots to more than 800 senior citizens to help combat loneliness

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