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Scientists Have Re-Created The Deadly 1918 Flu Virus. Why?

To know how bad this really is, you would need to know the expected base rate of the people being study (i.e. if the study had a lot of older pregnant woman in it, you would expect an increased miscarriage rate just from that fact alone). Report: 44 Percent of Pregnant Women in Pfizer Trial Lost Their Babies; FDA and CDC Recommended Jabs For Expectant Mothers Anyway

Germany Faces Power Grid Collapse as Demand for Electric Heaters Soar

RAF ‘pauses job offers for white men’ to meet ‘impossible’ diversity targets

Shipping Halted On Rhine Near Kaub Chokepoint Due To Distressed Barge Blocking Waterway

Will Catastrophic Crop Losses In 2022 Lead To Unprecedented Shortages In 2023?

US picks up pace of airstrikes in Somalia

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