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A sign they are feeling the strain. This deprives them of their main leverage to control Turkey/Israel in Syria. Russia Pulls S-300 From Syria With Likely Black Sea Deployment

‘Radical Shift’: Majority of People Traveling to the Border Come From Outside Mexico, Northern Triangle

U.S. Forces Ordered to Stop Using Gender Pronouns to Improve ‘Lethality’

France reveals hidden swimming pools with AI, taxes them

Feds Find 30K Mexican Passport Holders With Middle Eastern Names in Fraud Investigation

In 2021, the average American could expect to live until the age of 76, federal health researchers reported on Wednesday. The figure represents a loss of almost three years since 2019, when Americans could expect to live, on average, nearly 79 years.

A reminder of how quickly modern life can get much worse. In this case the crisis was adverted but maybe next time it will not be

Deadly Floods Swamp Farms in Pakistan, Flushing Away Crops

Californians are urged to avoid charging electric vehicles, days after state announced ban of new sales of gas-powered cars by 2035

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