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No matter who you want to claim did this, I don’t understand the logic. Berlin Not Ruling Out Possible Attack on Nord Stream Pipelines. A lot more here (including pictures of the impressive gas leak).

CDC drops universal masking at nursing homes, hospitals

It is a good thing they have a nice functioning electrical grid with lots of spare capacity. California will BAN all new gas-fueled furnaces and heaters by 2030 to cut ozone levels

Half Of France’s Refinery Capacity Goes Offline As Worker Strike

I don’t know what the true number is but the pictures and footage of all the cars backed up for miles is impressive (not in the article, you got to go to you tube for that). Over 250,000 Men Left Russia to Avoid Mobilization

The impact of coffee subtypes on incident cardiovascular disease, arrhythmias, and mortality: long-term outcomes from the UK Biobank

This would have been the greatest throw of my life. To Steiner it was a bullpen toss, and an average one at that. He grunted disapprovingly, then stooped to grab another stone from the small pile he’d gathered from a 25-gallon tub sitting in the bed of his 1989 Toyota truck—one of the quarter-million rocks he estimates he’s thrown in his lifetime.

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