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Ukrainian Military Is Targeting Russian Fuel Supply Lines As Winter Approaches

Russia, which is running out of fresh ammunition, is increasingly relying on rockets and artillery shells made 40 years ago, the Pentagon says.

Chinese, Indian Troops Injured in Fresh Border ‘Face-Off’

Late-Year Stumble for Microchip Supply

Flu is ‘eclipsing COVID as the biggest threat,’ Bay Area health officer says

Look more like sheep pens to me but what do I know. Mysterious Patterns Span The Arabian Desert, And We May Finally Know Why

Before we get to visions of fusion power plants dotting the landscape, however, there’s the uncomfortable fact that producing the 2 megajoules of laser power that started the fusion reaction took about 300 megajoules of grid power, so the overall process is nowhere near the break-even point. So, while this was a real sign of progress in getting this form of fusion to work, we’re still left with major questions about whether laser-driven fusion can be optimized enough to be useful.

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