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French government plays down cost of strikes after huge turnout against pension reform “The interior ministry put the total number of protesters at 1.2 million – in what the government conceded was a large turnout.”

Most of this is pure speculation from Hezbolla’s English newspaper. But it is an interesting question. What prompted the urgent, secretive summit in Abu Dhabi?

The Domestic Terror Attacks You Haven’t Heard About

Linking just because it is so hard to find follow up stories on how things are working out over there. Sri Lanka has since shown some signs of progress with shortages reduced and day-to-day functions restored. However, daily power cuts continue due to the fuel shortage and the government is struggling to find money to pay government employees’ salaries and conduct other administrative functions. It announced this month it is cutting 6 percent from budgets for each ministry this year and plans to downsize its military, which had swelled to more than 200,000 personnel due to a long civil war. The government plans to cut the military’s size by nearly half by 2030.

The world has never been more vulnerable to a virus that focused on domesticated corn plants. Additionally, China is importing at times huge quantities of corn from the United States – the world’s biggest producer – in order to supply its massive livestock industry. In the U.S., corn is now making up 85 percent of primary cereal production, up from 62 percent in 1981. Another country with a prolific lifestock industry, Brazil, has seen an increase from 66 percent to 79 percent over the same time period.

Is the NHS the UK’s biggest problem?

Vox Media Lays Off About 130 Employees, 7% of Workforce

Most New Cars Are Now Being Purchased Under Sticker

What we know about how COVID-19 vaccines may affect menstrual cycles

A new super-strain of gonorrhea that is resistant to 5 antibiotics has been detected in US patients, health officials say

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