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Russia Says It’s Relocating Citizens Near Border Due To Attacks

Russia’s Economy Shrinks 2.7% Due To Western Sanctions

The prolonged and unprecedented energy crisis that plunges households into darkness for several hours daily has raised the cost of doing business in South Africa too.

Lebanese villagers try to stem illegal logging scourge

PayPal to cut 7% of its workforce

In the fall of 2022, the state passed what shortens to the FAST bill — the Fast Food Accountability and Standards Recovery Act could require fast-food restaurants to pay workers up a minimum wage of $22 an hour with an annual raise of 3.5%.

Massachusetts Democrats have a bold new proposal for prisoners: donate your organs or bone marrow, and get as little as a couple of months off of your sentence.

Another transgender inmate also started identifying as a baby in order to get better treatment in prison, a demand that was “taken seriously” by prison bosses.

The computer errors from outer space

Green Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF) Passes Over Earth This Week

So going back to 1915, the cost of constructing buildings, as measured by various cost indexes, has almost always risen faster than inflation. For highways, construction costs rose roughly in line with CPI inflation until the early 2000s, after which they started rising faster.

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