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With drones in the air and on the sea, cruise missiles, sabotage teams, and now ATACMS, Russian-occupied Crimea remains in Kyiv’s crosshairs.

The U.S. Navy and its NATO allies may be gearing up to challenge Russia’s excessive legal claims to the Northern Sea route by conducting a freedom of navigation operation.

Israel-Gaza Situation Report: Hamas Frogmen Attempt To Infiltrate Near Israeli Base

In a first, Blinken backs possible ‘humanitarian pause’ in Gaza

The Times of Israel learned that, after 16 days of airstrikes, the IDF has told the government that it is fully prepared for a ground offensive in the Gaza Strip, and believes it can achieve the goals set out for it, even at the risk of heavy casualties to soldiers, and amid ongoing attacks by Hezbollah in the north. But the military fears that the government may not ever give the order to begin the ground offensive, or postpone it for a lengthy period.

China sacked its defense minister with no explanation months after he mysteriously disappeared

U.S.A.-Europe facts of the day

Retail Crime and Theft Worse in Pennsylvania, Washington and California Per Person

Nanocarriers study shows antibodies against polyethylene glycol in 83% of the German population

Looks pretty but without a soul. Star Citizen’s Squadron 42 campaign is “feature complete” after 11 years

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