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Ukraine Situation Report: M1 Abrams Tanks Withdrawn From The Fight, Officials Say

Ukraine’s star brigade in dire state due to lack of weapons and its own mistakes

Despite Mortar Attack, U.S. Is Satisfied With Gaza Beachhead Security

In Cold Blood: A Rise in State-Sponsored Killings Abroad

Early tests of H5N1 prevalence in milk suggest U.S. bird flu outbreak in cows is widespread

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has finalized its “power plant rule” which forces existing coal and new natural gas plants to use a technology that is neither economic nor commercial to reduce carbon dioxide emissions or shutter.

U.S. births fall in 2023 to lowest number since 1979

I am not sure why the story led with the stupid mouse. The more interesting/depressing examples come at the end of the article. Tech brands are forcing AI into your gadgets—whether you asked for it or not

An incident involving a physical attack by a female Secret Service agent tasked with protecting Vice President Kamala Harris is raising questions about whether the agency had thoroughly vetted her during her hiring and whether an ongoing push to increase the numbers of women in the service and boost overall workforce staff played a role in her selection.

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