News For Today (11/30/16)

Bogus News Story Of The Day

‘Alt-right’ online poison nearly turned me into a racist. This is a bogus news story done right. More background on the story here. Though obviously I can’t be sure that background information is true it sure reads like a parody.

In The News

Fire in Tennessee — Narrow Escape This is in the same general area of the country that Titi was in. The videos of the guy going through fire (supposedly without warning) are very scary. Some of the comments are interesting if you have time to read them.

This deadly flesh-eating parasite is invading the US for the first time in decades

Indiana official: Carrier deal is about federal contracts

Sen. Chris Coons Regrets Making Appointments Simpler to Confirm

Air Force Has Too Few Fighter Squadrons to Meet Commanders’ Needs Part of the problem is that the Air Force insists that all fighter pilots have to be full blown officers.

Not In The News But Should Be

Antarctic Ice Still a Mystery

Entertainment of the Day

Not the best thought out or best choreograph fight in existence. But it has to rank up there for making one of the most convincingly scary opponent in movie history.

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