News For Today (12/1/16)

Bogus News Story Of The Day

First Draft. This is probably more Orwellian then it is bogus, and it is not really a news story. But maybe it should be.

In The News

China’s Vision for a Regional Trading Block Has its Own Challenges. Bottom line: As long as China is economically dependent on exporting to the US, it will never exceeded the US economically.

What Will Replace Obamacare? I don’t believe anything like this will actually come to pass. But I have been wrong before.

Deaths in Immune-Therapy Trials Haunt Promising New Cancer Treatment

How Some US Athletes Obtain Permits for Banned Medication

Not In The News But Should Be

I don’t have anything for this category today.

Entertainment of the Day

I remember reading about sterling engines when I was a teenager because Dean Kamen was going to use them to change the world (And yes, I knew who Dean Kamen was before the Sigway came out. For that matter, he was working on sterling engines before then as well). But in spite of hearing about them and having them stick in my memory, I never had a good grasp of how they worked until I watched the video below. As far as I know, Kamen has never brought out a product that actually uses them in spite of his infatuation with them. But at least Sweden is using them to make really quite submarines.

If that is to cerebral for you, watch some Mas-wrestling. It is something we would have come up with when we were young.

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