News for Today (12/22/16)

Bogus News Story Of The Day.

N.Y. Times’ Fake News That Electoral College Was Created to Protect Slavery . I saw the New York Times article and was going to post it in bogus news. But I did not want to take the time to explain to the historically ignorant why it was so bogus. The above article does a pretty decent job. I think one of the things that make the “Electoral College Protected Slavery” sound so plausible to the ignorant is that it did have something of that effect later on. But in the beginning of the country, the Southern states did not feel the need of that kind of protection. Moreover, only two states had no slaves when this country was founded. So “protecting” slavery was not really a big concern.

In The News

Russian hacks into Ukraine power grids a sign of things to come for U.S.? and Russian hackers tracked Ukrainian artillery units using Android implant: report. I would like to note that these things have been going on for a long time. But now they are newsworthy because they help the “scary Russians cost Hillary the election” meme. That said, it probably is coming to a town near you even if the Russians don’t do it.

Polaris Wins Canadian Special Forces Ultra-Light Combat Vehicle Contract. I find this kinda of funny. In World War II, we had the jeep. Then NATO (primarily the US) kept making the “Jeep” bigger and more heavily armored until they became the Monsters that modern soldiers ride around it. Now, the Jeep is back (US is already using something like this).

The Infuriating Math Behind Overbooking. Yeah, we all know this. But it pays to be reminded that they really are out to get you.

Brexit poll: Six months on, Brits stand by EU referendum decision. I think this more evidence of how the major media don’t have that big of an impact anymore. If they did have influence on how people think, everyone in the UK would have repented by now.

Not In The News But Should Be

State-Sponsored Terror in Argentina I have been following this story for a long time. I have to say in impresses me that there are enough semi-honest people in Argentina that it is worth the Government’s time to go through all this work to cover its tracks.


Entertainment of the Day

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