News for Today (12/23/16)

Bogus News Story Of The Day.

Newsrooms are sanitizing that Ivanka harassment story. Another story about a bogus story. I would not care if they did not cover it. Crazy people are always harnessing the famous and not so famous, so I don’t consider it particularly news worthy for Ivanka to get harassed. But if you are going to cover the story, don’t leave out crucial information.

In The News

Scientists Getting Nervous About Italian Supervolcano

Beware: Antibiotic-Tainted Seafood From China Is Making Its Way to American Tables

New Ebola Vaccine Gives 100 Percent Protection

The Nazis Fought the Original War on Christmas

Scientists discover concussion biomarker

How hospitals, nursing homes keep lethal ‘superbug’ outbreaks secret

Not In The News But Should Be

The Actual War on Christians

Entertainment of the Day

Nothing for today.

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