News for Today (1/23/17)

Bogus News Story Of The Day

Why Does the EU Get Such a Bad Rap? I don’t know if it is really fair to call this story bogus but its cluelessness is off the charts.

In The News

The blog post is about a bad tv show. But the comments are bunch of army guys complaining about Seals.

Revealed: How CIA tried to gather intel before 1971 India-Pakistan war. Actually, all that is revealed is that they could not do it when they needed to meet the needs of the policy makers. Just a reminder that some things don’t seem to change.

The culture that is San Francisco

Praying for Death — Blood Sacrifice and Drug Cartels in Latin America

France & Germany Differ Starkly on Strong Leaders. For what it is worth (h/t Chickenman or whatever he goes by these days).

Not In The News But Should Be

Nothing for today

Entertainment of the Day

Nothing for today

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