News for Today (1/24/17)

Bogus News Story Of The Day

A Professor Claimed Video Games Make People Better Shooters — Then His Study Got Retracted. The only reason this study got the press that it did is that few people in the chattering classes play games and shoot guns.

In The News

Consternation as Trump Starts Delivering on Campaign Promises While Making More Crazy Attacks on Critics

Was Snowden a Russian Agent? In the conservative press the answer is assumed to be yes. This article presents a different view. I think you have to be naive to think that he has not told them what they wanted to know now. But I doubt he was controlled all along. I don’t think the Russians would have wanted the drama from an agent they controlled.

Italy’s Growing Refugee Problem Main take away: Despite a warning from former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, other EU countries have shown little willingness to cooperate. Shortly before his resignation, he said his country “would not get through another year like this.”

Not In The News But Should Be

Chicken Feet And China: Back to the Future

Entertainment of the Day

Not bad for and old man even granting all the movie tricks they had to pull

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