News for Today (2/18/17)

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Nothing for today.

In The News

Report: Photos appear to show cartel members readying for war in post-‘El Chapo’ power struggle So many of them carry radios. I wonder how hard it is to take advantage of that? Or what kind of power they have that they are not worrying about government forces taking advantage of that.

Emmanuel Macron loses lead in French election polls after remarks on colonial Algeria and gay marriage spark outrage

Murder rates in 50 American cities

Vitamin D ‘proved to cut risk of colds and flu’

When the earth liquifies.

Storm to dump heavy rain and snow on U.S. West

Pharma industry shuns Trump push for radical shift at FDA

Not In The News But Should Be

In 2009, I helped sketch out a marketing campaign for an internet personality and blogger named Tucker Max. With a very limited advertising budget available for the independent movie he had written and produced, we had few options for getting the word out.

Entertainment of the Day

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