News for Today (2/19/17)

Bogus News Story Of The Day

Trump cites (fake) attack in Sweden. This weeks bogus story is another flat out lie about what Trump said. If you look at the linked story, it is at least honest enough to quote Trump. Nowhere in the quote does Trump say that a terrorist attack happened in Sweden. I think part of the problem is that newspaper reporters are so much in their bubble that longstanding talking points from conservatives about high rape rates driven by emigrants in Sweden has never entered their ears.

In The News

Releasing water at Oroville Dam a lingering problem

China bans all coal imports from North Korea amid growing tensions

Le Pen Lures French Farmers Angered by Worst Crisis in Decades

From bad to worse’: Greece hurtles towards a final reckoning

Hawaii Dem Argues Doctors Should be Able to Prescribe Housing to Cure Homelessness

Who wants more coal company pollution in water streams?

Not In The News But Should Be

Why Is Asia Returning to Coal?

Entertainment of the Day

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