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Harvard’s Legacies Are Nothing to Be Proud Of Ironically, the main reason for Harvard’s success is due to the very practices that are attacked in this article. You don’t want to go to Harvard for a better education. You want to go to Harvard to network with rich people. If you did not give rich kids an easy pass into the university, how would that work? But to admit this is to admit how little real education takes place in universities around the country.

Controversial stuff from Pakistan. I don’t vouch for it, but it is interesting because it does not come from a US observer. “If ever there was a thought within Pakistan’s leadership — political, military, and business — that Beijing could replace Washington as the foreign capital with the most influence in Islamabad, that idea is now firmly dead. We just have not gotten around to telling China yet.”

Fake Hate: Virginia Girl Admits She Made Up ‘Hair Cut’ Assault at School Where Karen Pence Teaches Just a reminder. You always see the stories. You rarely see the retractions.

The long knives come out for The Hill’s John Solomon Just a reminder, the consensus is enforced.

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