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The fatal mistake: Hospitals and providers agreed to take cuts after the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act passed in 2010, because they assumed that the law would increase the number of people with insurance and decrease the number who couldn’t pay their hospital bills.

A dark and dirty war that may one day hit you right in the gas tank: At the same time, however, there are many details available already that lend weight to their claims with regards to fighting in or around Najran, even if the Houthi’s assertions about the total number of Saudi casualties, and personnel and equipment they captured, remain dubious. The presence of LAV-25s, for example, strongly indicates that members of the Saudi Arabian National Guard (SANG) were among those in the convoy that the Houthis attacked.

It is fun to pick on crazy people but it don’t accomplish anything. The example of perfectly crafted dissent that I’d like to submit here appears in this video from Massachusetts local TV news, showing some reactions to the fly-posting of white sheets of paper bearing the statement ‘Islam is right about women’. The reactions are deeply revealing. Nobody can clearly point out why they object to the statement – indeed, nobody seems to object to the statement at all on its face. Yet most seem to express offence at it – if a little unconvincingly.

Rare good news that is not reported.

Coming soon to a state near you.

Joe Biden recounting how he got the prosecutor fired.

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