Science Links

I am old enough to have been taught as fact that this never happened: Inherited Learning? It Happens, but How Is Uncertain

A good explanation of an iffy study. My money is this is just a variation of the common sense wisdom that stress and worry shorten your life: The More Active Your Brain, the Shorter Your Lifespan May Be, a New Study Says

Shocker: Poor People Are Still Sicker Than The Rich In Germany, Despite Universal Health Care

From what I have heard, they don’t need much encouragement: Public university tells professors not to grade based on merit

Stock up on bacon:A terrible pandemic is killing pigs around the world, and US pork producers fear they could be hit next

If I was him, I would not go home again even if I had a Canadian Passport. UBC student uses satellite images to track suspected Chinese re-education centres where Uyghurs imprisoned

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