Links for Today

From the department of unintended consequences. ‘Fear Of Falling’: How Hospitals Do Even More Harm By Keeping Patients In Bed

Riots everywhere: Chile. Lebanon. Spain. Holland. And of course, Hong Kong. If they do this when the grass is green, what will they do when the real trouble starts?

Your daily dose of a white non-Muslim man explaining to you what you should think about Sharia law. It is only mansplaing if it is not goodthink. Sharia law is already here — the IRS must respond

Remember California and their rolling blackouts. They think they can do these things without consequences New York State Attorney General (AG) Letitia James takes Exxon to trial this week, for alleged climate fraud.

It is kind of unfair that only Mexicans get to get into the US by crossing the border: Mexico flies 300 Indian migrants to New Delhi in ‘unprecedented’ mass deportation

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