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If this story is true, (not familiar with the source), they literally hired an ex-stasi agent. Former Stasi recruited to police ‘racism’ in video games

The US needs the Turks to make parts for warplane? How Turkey’s expulsion from F-35 program has hampered production

Always be afraid of of experts saying the word “millions”. But then, it was experts saying “millions” that got us to the point where this could happen. Experts fear millions of deaths in the coming months and years, not as a result of the coronavirus, but due to other diseases that are actually treatable.

Backlash against the great and good having the wrong opinion (a response to a link from yesterday). Almost every point made is arguable including the fail to disclose charge (If you know what Foreign Affairs is all about, every article is an official point of view of some group). Mostly posted to show that “shut up your wrong” crowd is still giving its best shot. Foreign Affairs Runs Propaganda from Swedish Employers on Sweden’s Covid-19 Fiasco, Failing to Disclose Sponsorship and Misrepresenting Results

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