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Just something to raise your blood pressure if it is low. So, just like that, small religious groups lost their right to meet in person and must, at this late date, switch to teleconferencing.

Georgia officials warn of 4-foot-long invasive lizards that eat ‘anything they want’

The IHME model has revised down significantly the expected cases in Georgia and Democrats and the press are moving goal posts.

Some States Forced Nursing Homes To Accept Coronavirus Patients. Many Died As A Result. This Is A Massive Scandal.

Remember this when peer pressures causes you to wonder if staying locked down until a vaccine might be rational. Just creating a successful vaccine within the year would be an unprecedented achievement, since the record for developing a vaccine is four years.

I don’t really think this means anything one way or another for the coming election. All it shows right now is that conservatives are far more motivated to vote. But liberals may become a lot more motivated when Trump is on the line. Predicted Blue Wave Crashes In Wisconsin, California Special Elections

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