Car dealers don't like it when you pay cash.

We all know that dealers make most of their money through games and gimmicks. But it is still worth being reminded of that from time to time.
This from the New York Times…..

Without that knowledge, cash-paying customers risk not just a frosty dealer response, but a concerted effort to get them to change their minds, said Mr. Toprak, who sold cars early in his career.

“When I was at a closing and the customer said, ‘this is a cash deal,’ I knew I would not make any money for the next hour,” he said.

Mr. Toprak advised cash buyers to get prices from several dealers through their Web sites. If a sales person balks at honoring that figure because a customer wants to pay cash, the buyer can threaten to go elsewhere, he said.

Man willing to give life for game account password.

Online computer games sure have hit the big time. Now top rated players are in danger of being kidnapped for their password.…

An armed gang of four kidnapped one of the world’s top RPG gamers after one criminal’s girlfriend lured him into a fake date using Orkut, Google’s social network. After sequestering him in Sao Paulo, they held a gun against the victim’s head for five hours to get his password, which they wanted to sell for $8,000. And yes, the story gets even better.

Surprisingly enough, after five hours the hostage wasn’t talking. The group leader had a gun against his head all that time but the guy didn’t say a word

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